Downsizing? Some useful tips on how to hide the clutter

If you’re making Aliya one of the major challenges you’ll have is to decide what to bring with you . Your home in Israel will probably be smaller than what you have become accustomed to, but downsizing doesn’t necessarily mean less storage space.
The concept of minimalism in interior design allows us to keep a neat and tidy exterior and to store away all items that are not in momentary use.

Here you can see a view of the living room with asymmetrical storage units to accommodate additional kitchenware, platters and crockery for entertaining, audio visual appliances, vacuum cleaner and even outer ware.

From this view of the den which is an integral part of the kitchen, no one could believe how many wine glasses, table cloths, bottles and blankets are hidden away .

The trick is to plan the storage to blend in with the overall design concept. In many cases, if designed correctly, this can be accomplished without the space looking or feeling any smaller, for example by coloring wall units to match the wall color and units don’t have to be too deep to have plenty of capacity.

Storage does have a way of filling to the brim, no matter how much space we have, we tend to collect more and more stuff until there’s no more room , so a big move is the perfect time to filter out those unnecessary items that you haven’t used for ages . And remember in Israel life is more warm and casual, so leave behind the heavy winter ware and do bring your bbq utensils.

Wall to wall units for storage in the living room
Crockery tucked away in the kitchen/den

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