Some professional tips on how to create a feeling of spaciousness

Israeli is a small country and there simply isn’t as much room as there is in most countries, which means that homes are generally much more compact.  But that doesn’t mean that your new home in Israel has to feel claustrophobic by any means!  Here are some professional tips, to really help to create a feeling of space in the design of your home.

Firstly, and crucially, you need a well thought-out layout, with a clever division of the space available.  Most living areas in Israel are open-space which allows for flexibility when positioning lounge/dining/kitchen areas.  Attention should be given to movement around the area and functionality and practically of furniture.  It is all a matter of proportionality.  You may not really need a large dining table if you’re not planning to entertain that often, allowing more space for the lounge area.   Many newcomers are surprised that most of their entertaining will anyway take place on the balcony, so a great idea is to buy a table for the outside and dine in the kitchen on a day-to-day basis.

Another important trick is to hide everything in wall-to-ceiling cupboards.  Cupboards don’t necessarily have to be deep, and if they are painted the colour of the walls, they blend in really well and allow a roomy feeling.  On the other hand, open shelves tend to give a more cluttered, cramped feeling.

Light is a great way to enhance the feeling of airiness.  In the same way that black clothes make us look slimmer, dark walls make the space feel smaller.  If you are building from scratch on a small plot, make sure you have plenty of windows and high ceilings.  If you a renovating a small apartment with a given area, paint the ceilings white and the walls in a light colour.  Use plenty of natural-feel lighting and LED ambience strips wherever possible to add to the feeling of spaciousness.

Finally, materials are an essential factor in the design process.  As well as using mirrors on the walls, to give an illusion of space, consider opting for transparent glass tables for example, which look smaller optically than wood or metal alternatives.  There are plenty light and airy furniture options available on the market due to the demand for less bulky options.  Even use glass doors and room dividers if you are looking to create a more roomy feel. 

To sum up, experience has taught us that by planning your layout well, storing away non essentials, letting in as much light as possible and choosing the right materials you can create a spacious home even if it is very compact.

Glass wall dividers create a feeling of space
Airy furniture looks less bulky

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