neutral materials and colour palette for ultimate relaxation

Do you need a huge budget to design a spa-inspired bathroom?

Spa inspired bathrooms are currently a worldwide design trend and the Israel interior design scene is no exception.  

The bathroom is no longer simply a place to clean up, but rather a place to relax and chill.  Here are some professional pointers on how to create an ideal corner in your home to feel rejuvenated, without breaking the bank.

Firstly, combine natural materials such as stone, concrete, wood and bamboo and limit the number of materials used, to create a zen effect.  We recommend using the same stone or concrete material on the floor, walls and ceiling, to minimalize visual distractions and sticking to a neutral, monochromatic colour palate.  There are plenty of neutral-toned decorative and waterproof plasters, readily available on the market, such as marbelite for example, which are ideal for washrooms and actually less expensive than many tiles and mosaics.

To enhance the soothing effect on the eye, install a dimmer on the main lighting and add some recessed LED lighting in the carpentry.  Think holistically by paying attention to all the senses, for an all-round well-being sensation.  This can easily be accomplished by adding some background music and calming scents, like jasmin, lemongrass or lavender.  Aromatherapy candles or scent diffusers are by no means a huge expense and will do the job perfectly.

Another important tip is to hide away any clutter, to keep the room looking clean and tidy, but do add some accessories, such as a wicker basket with clean towels, a wood towel ladder and some massage oils.  A free-standing bath to soak in is the perfect accessory for a spa-inspired bathroom and whilst a corian tub will set you back a bit, there are plenty more less-expensive options now available on the market.

Finally, and most importantly, when we think of spa, we think of massage. For your ultimate pampering, invest in a powerful showerhead, jet streamers in the bath or shower, or even an indoor jacuzzi.  Of course, if you are happy to splurge, then underfloor heating is the perfect luxury to complete the feeling of relaxation and rejuvenation.

As you can see, it is possible to design the ultimate spa-inspired bathroom in your home without having to invest a fortune, if you follow the guidelines provided.

monochromatic colour scheme has a calming effect
toiletries and accessories enhance the spa effect

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