How to make sure your home suits the local climate and lifestyle

Hot and sandy! That’s Israel and we love it . So when setting up a home here you can say goodbye to the vacuum cleaner and hello to the broom . No need for carpets and upholstery to keep you warm and snuggle, you’ll much prefer cool floor tiles whether stone, concrete or terrazzo, which is the thing at the moment, and you’ll be surprised how great a feeling it is in August to step on a cold floor . No more central heating, but the air conditioner is your best friend from now on. Don’t worry if it gets cool for a month or two in winter, you can turn it to heat mode, but a contemporary fireplace is a beautiful design element to incorporate into your living room for the cooler winter months .

Even winter is mostly sunny and Tel Aviv, Herzeliya and Netanyahu areas have some of the most beautiful relaxing beaches in the world. That being said, even if you are really careful to wash your flip flops before coming home you still can’t prevent the sand that’s in the air . So what does that mean for design purposes ? Go for flat surfaces that are easy to wipe, floors that can be swept easily and minimize the grouting . Instead of drapes you’ll want shutters to block out the sun so your furniture, and yes even book covers, don’t fade.

A modern minimalist home is best suited to the climate and the environment here … if your belongings are tucked away in carpentry they won’t get dusty.  But if you’re used to a warm homely design style you won’t want your new home to look like a high tech office, so the challenge is to create a fusion of your past and future in the design of your new home in the most aesthetic relevant way possible .

Definitely bring any antique pieces, sentimental items or favorite rugs with you :that’s what make a home and here is an example of how they can be made to blend together in a contemporary setting .

That’s Israel ! A blend of cultures and extremes to create a unique and challenging way of life, but there’s no place like home.

Sun pouring through the window facing the sea
Living outdoors, invest on that balcony

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